Skype pay-per-minute for businesses (API & SaaS)

We developed the Skype pay-per-minute technology not only for our own psychic services, but also to help other businesses create the future of psychic readings. We’re happy to license our platform and core technology to other esoteric businesses via an API or as a SaaS (software as a service).
This means that if you run a psychic business or esoteric shop we can provide you with:

  • an API, so that you can integrate in your own platform the Skype pay-per-minute capability. We will not touch your users nor your money. Our deal will also include a clause that says that your psychics will never be accepted on
  • a blacklabel, so that you can have, out-of-the-box, a similar (clone) website with your own branding. This means, you get what you see, but with your own psychics, customers, billing and support. This is the SaaS version.
  • a whitelabel – for those partners that only focus on traffic and do not want to deal with the users, models, payments etc. The whitelabel is not yet available.